Invoking the Instant Miraculous Divine Healing by the Mahavatar Babaji

Mahavatar Babaji is an immortal Himalayan mahayogi, bunnydirectories said to be about 1,800 years old, is the founder of kriya yoga. He is supreme and unparalleled among all enlighten saints and sages of the world.

His universal divine grace and cosmic healing have no limitations of worldly distinctions such as caste, class, religion, culture, history, and region.

The eternal saint always radiates a perceptible glow of compassion for the whole mankind. The divine light and the super fine vibration of spirituality and cosmic-consciousness are always emitted from him cosmic body.

We shall now give you the rare ritual that enabled you to heal yourself dramatically, and which can heal the stubborn health problems of so many people’s around the world. It will definitely rid you of your health problems once and for all, no matter how bad or incurable it seem.

Ritual Outline

· Sit in a relaxed cross legged posture with closed eyes.

· Take 10 very slow and deep breaths [count from ten to one] relax each and every part of the body

· Take 10 more breath; with every breath make your breath more calm and more smooth

· Take 10 another breaths, with every breath command your mind to become still and thought less.

· Now visualise the almighty Mahavatar Babaji sitting in front of you at a distance of six feet or more. Babaji is an ageless and an eternally youth of 25 years of age, fair complexioned, middle height with excellent body built, brown lustrous long hair and wearing only a knee length cloth wrapped in folds at the waist. He is radiating a tremendous vibration of bright silver white light charged with thousands of volts of shattering compassionate spiritual electricity

· The silver white light is a disease destroying light of incredible highly charged spiritual energy.

· Let this divine silver white light to travel down through your head and into your body.

· See it going into every corner of your body, through your chest, stomach, arms, and legs everywhere. It will purify and heal you completely.

· When the divine light reaches the part of the body which is afflicted, let it dwell there for some time. See it disintegrating and destroying the ailment completely.

· Let the healing light to pass out from your legs.

· Super charged healing vibration of babaji is now being absorbed by you.

· An instant dynamic and magical contact is now being made. You will feel a nice sense of elevated energy and euphoric lift

· Now synchronize you breath[inhalation-exhalation] with the mental chant for 15 minutes

Inhalation: Mahavatar Babaji

Exhalation: Have mercy on me

· Now say firmly “I am totally cured, purified and cleansed in this tremendous highly charged healing energy of Mahavatar Babaji”

· Now open your eyes and say “thank you” to Babaji with a real feeling of gratitude and joy for his wonderful compassionate miraculous healing

On completion of this simple yet extreme potent ritual you will feel immediately much better. You will feel cleansed, refresh and peaceful. The pain and discomfort will have subdued. For more info please visit these sites:-

Do not worry about the return of the symptoms. A complete, total healing may come for weeks or even months. Repeat the ritual at least twice every day until all the symptoms have permanently disappeared.

Every health problem can be treated successfully through the power of Mahavatar Babaji, be it the simple common cold or a serious incurable cancer. It all depends on the total faith and belief on the divine cosmic power generated by the Babaji.


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