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Who says dogs and cats don’t like each other? When I was growing up we had a dog and cat that slept together their entire lives! inpix

Two years ago,  my daughter (who was over 22 at the time) came home with her then fiancé and plopped a month-old grey tabby with deformed paws into my lap. Cute as he was both her father and I had been saying since the passing of our own cat 8 years before, bocoranadminriki that we didn’t want another cat.

But our Labrador/retriever mix took one look at that little grey bundle and was so happy that she was practically dancing and howling around him! She kissed him and picked him up and put him in her bed! She proceeded to clean him from nose to tail tip and wouldn’t let anyone touch him for almost a week, splitacdubai unless it was to feed him. She trained him to behave and “told” our niece (in howls) not to take him out of her view, kjro she actually goosed her away from her “baby”. animeloved

When we had to put her out when we left for work, the two of them would (still do) talk to each other through the glass sliding doors. ofiz.lrb

It didn’t take long before “Pepper” was a full member of our household . lytron When it came time for our daughter and son-in-law to move, qau we knew Pepper would be staying right where he was-with us and his adopted “doggy” mom.

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