Becoming A Professional Tennis Player

Learning to play tennis can be a fun and enjoyable learning experience. In tennis, mycarscent players can benefit from learning the basics before gradually advancing to more complex concepts. Tennis can be a great way to get in shape and improve your overall health.

The first thing you need to learn to play tennis is a racket. As a beginner, akunprorusia lower weight racquets are ideal because they will give you extra power and help prevent injuries. I suggest using a racquet that is below 11 ounces. As you continue to learn to play tennis, semar128 you can always increase the weight of your racket. The second thing you need to learn to play tennis is a coach. You can find a coach at your local tennis club. A coach will teach you the proper tennis technique. verduurzamendeurne

Basic Tennis Rules

People who learn to play tennis often struggle for a while to understand these rules, spintenniscoach but eventually it makes sense after playing a few matches. Each player stands at opposite ends of the court. The person who hits the first ball is the server. The person who returns that ball is the returner. antminet

At the beginning of a match, you can flip a coin or spin a racquet to decide who can serve or receive first. The server starts the point by tossing a ball into the air and hitting it crosscourt into the box. The returner hits the ball back. The first person to hit a ball outside the court or into the net loses the point. You can also lose a point by missing two serves or having your body or racket touching the net. After winning four points you win a game. After winning six games, you win a set. After winning two sets, ufa88myanmar the player wins the match.

Tennis Groundstrokes

When you first begin to learn to play tennis, the first stroke you will want to work on is your groundstrokes. Groundstrokes are the shots you hit from the line closest to the fence, crosstrainer-kaufen also known as the baseline. To hit a groundstroke, hold you racquet below your waist, and hit the ball from low to high.

Most players prefer forehands, which is perfectly fine, especially for players who are learning to play tennis. Even professionals like to run around their backhand. That doesn’t mean you can forget practicing it, or else your opponents will attack it. The next shot that you must learn to hit is the serve. If you want to learn to play tennis, practice your tennis serve. askanadviser

Fifty percent of all points begin with your serve. If you could learn to hit a good serve every point, you would start off half your points pretty well. sgmytrips


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