Finding Out of State Aircraft Owners for Potential Airplane Cleaning Customers

If you own an aircraft washing service, then you know it is very difficult to get in contact with the owners of the aircraft. Even if you get a list of aircraft owners from the aircraft manager, and most aircraft managers will not give you the list due to privacy reasons, you still have to contact each individual owner. Often they have the aircraft registered in their company names, or have formed a corporate LLC or corporate entity for insurance purposes and liability reasons. In other words the contact information is not exactly tossncook correct for what you need. Okay so, let’s talk about this for second shall we?

Obviously, no aircraft manager will allow you to stick your business cards in the door slots of all the aircraft on the flight line. One thing you can do is work with the local FBO, as they are generally in contact with the owners of the aircraft, but not all of them. You can go down zmiiv to the county tax assessor, and/or get a list from the FAA also, but you run into the same problems which I described above. You see, many times aircraft owners only come out to the airport every other week, and some only once a month, while others may hardly ever come to the airport. This makes it extremely challenging.

You’d be surprised how many owners actually are out of state. This makes it extremely hard to contact them. One thing that I recommend is that you get hoodpay with the guys who run the fuel truck, and give them a commission for every customer they get you, and give them a stack of business cards to hand out. If gives them extra money in their pocket, and most of these guys are learning how to fly, rnkhabri and they are paying for their flight time by working out at the airport – they are generally broke. I recommend that you spiff them 10 to 20% for a new customer. Then it is up to you to sign a customer up for a regular washing on a weekly or monthly basis.

Then you can send the bill to the aircraft owner, even if you never see them again. In fact I can remember washing aircraft for people that I hadn’t seen for two years at a time, Rare movies on DVD but I would bill them every month, and then the check would come in the mail. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.


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