Ten Secrets to Small Business Success – Volunteer – Give of Your Time, Talent and Treasure

Of all the secrets to small business success, giving of your time, meilleurscasino talent and treasure is the least obvious and at the same time the most powerful.  When you understand what giving can do for those you help and for you, you’ll be on course to super-charging your business and personal life.

Quite often today we hear about the mega-successful “giving back”.  Corporations “give back” to the communities they serve.  Celebrities “give back” to society.  It seems there are many people “giving back”.  But there is a problem with “giving back”.

Not long ago I had the pleasure of meeting Steve Forbes (Forbes Magazine and former candidate for President of the United States).  He told us that he has a problem with the idea that successful people and businesses should be expected to “give back” to the community.  He fully endorsed the idea of giving; forbes it was the “back” part that he objected to.  Somehow “giving back” infers the idea that it wasn’t yours to begin with.

It was an interesting idea that has stuck with me.  So I recommend that you “give” of your time, talent or treasure to an organization that is important to you.  Of course every organization needs money.  Giving funds to a worthy cause is like planting seeds.  A great crop can come from small amounts.  You should donate money to the organization of your choice if you have money to give.  Unfortunately, many find themselves unable to give monetarily.  What are they to do?

While you may not have money to give, you most certainly have time and talent to share.  Time and talent can be the seeds you plant in an organization that will yield a great crop.  Every organization needs hands, feet, and minds of talented people to help carry the load, communicate the message, and serve the organization.  You give more than money when you give of your time and talent to the organization of your choice.  What’s more, you’ll work side-by-side with people who, like you, have a passion for the organization.  This is great for any organization and equally beneficial to you.

Amazing things happen when you partner with like-minded people to accomplish a common, worthy goal.  Unseen forces come together to put you in front of people you would never have access to.  They see you in the role of giving with passion and purpose.  You can’t help but benefit from giving of your time, talent and treasure.

While it may sound self-serving as described above, wealth4living the end result will be an enormous benefit to the organization you serve.  You will forge new relationships that can’t be developed through any other activity, and you and your company will reap the rewards of good deeds and good works.



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